I’m Rubber, You’re Eww

Episode 149Released Apr 8 2022

Sometimes it’s fun to do a more straightforward fetish episode. In order to keep such a subject interesting, however, it’s key to find a hook, typically an individual or group who embrace their fetish so wholly, they leave the distinct impression of “……ew?”

Enter Mistress Natalia and her Rubber Whores.

The Rubber Whores is a site to elicit the services of the Queen Mistress Master Nurse Teacher Jailer Executioner Soldier Spy Natalia and her definitely inferior but similarly branded cadre of rubber-clad prostitutes. Operating out of Germany (where she assures you everything they do is on the up and up so stop worrying, you prudes!) with one satellite in Switzerland (she does not comment on Swiss law), Natalia et al promise to do just about anything your heart desires, provided it involves being completely encased in rubber/rubberized clothing. Care to join us on a tour of the best little rubber house in (probably) Berlin?

This week, Extra Credit is mourning the loss incurred in a tragic motorcycle accident. No, not the driver, that fucking bastard, our beautiful Russian Green motorcycle!

With THE LESBIATHAN, Sanguinary Novel, Turtle, Chai Tea Latte, Dr. Activisionary, Frank West, and Shell Game

Edited by Mix
Content provided by Mix
Cover art by Mix

Subject featured

  • https://www.therubberwhores.com/web/index.php/en/

Music used

  • Savior by St. Vincent
  • Skin Tight by Scissor Sisters
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