Dr. Activisionary

A snake in the pit since March  01, 2016

Dr. A is the de facto graphics people for the podcast (despite minimum but growing skill). Enjoys long walks on the beach and spends most of their money on vinyl and cassettes (vhs and music). Currently on an audio entertainment kick, but watches Steven Universe and other stuff. Has recently contracted the illness that allows you to enjoy anime and/or manga.  Likes making snarky comments and reading trash.

Dr. Activisionary has appeared in:

I’m The Baby, God’ll Love MeOff The HookHow to Release a Podcast After A Year And A HalfExtra Credit’s Strained ExpressionNot Ready for Prime TimeDiet HardEC’s Magickal Mystyree TourMonster Girls UnlimitedFor Sale: Platform shoes, never worn.OkstupidRE: Fwd: FWD: STrange Military MUsT SEE!!1!!!!!11Pop Quiz: Tila TequilawikiHow to Shamelessly Appeal to Boots RaingearThis Lit is Shit, Fam

Dr. Activisionary has contributed to:

Detroit: Become PonyI’m Barking Mad! …and That’s Snow Joke!/r/eally_vainReaders Digest[Citation Nutted]Not Ready for Prime TimeHey Hey We’re The FlunkiesUncanny Valley of the DollsThe Indigolden GirlsDiet HardThis Isn’t Even My Final DraftTrust Me, I’m Not A DoctorGhostride the DickKnot Safe For WorkAltared StatesMorgellons and On and OnClopping A FeelEC’s Magickal Mystyree TourMonster Girls UnlimitedSissy Kiss of DeathFringe Knowledge for DummiesYou’ve Got a Friend In YouFor Sale: Platform shoes, never worn.Surviving the 7-UpocalypseWhy, Universe?OkstupidRE: Fwd: FWD: STrange Military MUsT SEE!!1!!!!!11Clips4Lemon (.wmv HD 1024×768)Pop Quiz: Tila TequilaNo Mas TequilaThe Only Trustworthy PodcastBeta Bux & Stupid FucksFlunking the Electoral CollegeHalloween SpecialHallo EarthwikiHow to Shamelessly Appeal to Boots RaingearSpells4SaleWhat Is Normal?You’re Not YelpingGimme Some Sugar BabiesThis Lit is Shit, FamChristmas in July SPECTACULAR!

Documents provided:

How to Release a Podcast After A Year And A HalfRE: Fwd: FWD: STrange Military MUsT SEE!!1!!!!!11wikiHow to Shamelessly Appeal to Boots RaingearYou’re Not YelpingChristmas in July SPECTACULAR!