chai tea latte

“Morning to you my angel of the day, you’re of to a late start aren’t ya? Were you getting ready to look good for me?” He wiggles his eye brows suggestively. chai tea latte is a rather, typical old man. He stands here day in and day out selling his food. Normally hot dog stands aren’t shit, but I must say his is actually worth something. I shake my head at the rather unfit fifty year old man. Always trying to get in my pants, bless his heart.

“If that’s what will get me my favorite today chai tea latte, think whatever you want” I say shaking my head with a grin on my face.

“Right answer”, and he gives me by three sausage dogs with my works. Shredded white and yellow cheese with the golden brown spicy mustard, and to top if off he hands me the plastic bottle of mountain dew voltage. Kanye West lyrics ‘I ain’t saying she a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke..’ filters through my head as I take it with gratitude plastered on my face.

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