God Gives His Highest Heels To His Strongest Sissies

Episode 159Released Sep 16 2022

Hey what if some dudes wanted to be forced into feminine dress and affectation so they can get off (when mistress permits them)? That’d be a gross, weird fetish right?


But what if it wasn’t just an affectation but really they’re just living their lives as they identify: little girls by force.

Sissythings.com is not Sissykiss. It’s worse. And we hate them.

This week Extra Credit gets mad.

With Positive Stress, THE LESBIATHAN, Mix, Turtle, Achilles' Heelies, and Shell Game

Edited by Dijon Du Jour
Content provided by Dijon Du Jour and The Heavenator
Cover art by Shell Game

Subject featured

  • https://sissythings.com/

Music used

  • The Sissy Song by Billy Briggs
  • Fem in a Black Leather Jacket by Pansy Division
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