With Enemas Like These Who Needs Friends?

Episode 122Released Apr 23 2021

Remember zity.biz? You know, the place where a lady laboriously described mummifying her husband for kink purposes? Well we’re back! And this time it’s all enemas, baby!

Get ready to clear out your insides while also having an excuse to have your wife shove something up your butt and apply pressure. If enema business isn’t your cup of tea, worry not! There remains more obnoxiously shared kinks on zity.biz to fill you up with all kinds of strange feelings.

This week, Extra Credit’s nozzle hit something…

Also if Positive Stress’ fun opener has you curious, check out the podcast he does with Breakfast as they watch and dissect the show Kyle XY.

With Ganymede, Mix, The Heavenator, Malt, Boots Raingear, Shell Game, and featuring Positive Stress

Edited by Dijon Du Jour
Content provided by Mix

Subject featured

  • https://en.zity.biz

Music used

  • Dance (A$$) by Big Sean
  • Do You Take It In The Ass? by The Wet Spots
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