Strangoria Things

Episode 161Released Oct 21 2022

It’s time for more ghost and cryptid dweebs!

Strangoria is a community that exists as a single web page advertising their Discord server, and said Discord server which contains about 6000 members.

Secret Gaygent 69 braved the depths and returned to us with a sampling of the mysterious, spiritual, mystical, illogical, radical nonsense that can be shared between demon enthusiasts in real-time chat.

This week, Extra Credit made a huge mistake…

With THE LESBIATHAN, Mix, Turtle, Nutshell Gulag, Jack Chick, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Secret Gaygent 69
Cover art by Shell Game

Subject featured


Music used

  • Haunted by Evanescence
  • Ghosts by Rage
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