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Episode 154Released Jul 1 2022

The term squishy, when used as a noun, apparently refers not to a particularly soft plush animal or a stress toy, but rather a person who wants to be squished by another. Particularly, it would seem, a man who wishes for another man in work boots to absolutely dominate them by smashing them into the ground as if they were very tiny. The website purports itself to be New Zealand’s biggest squishy community, which we’re willing to believe and have no urge to argue otherwise. We will perhaps ask how they can be so big when they need to be so little do be squished into the fibers of a doormat, but hey! Sometimes life is just a mystery.
Join us as we read about people who step up to victory while being crushed in defeat.
This week, Extra Credit 👟🔍.

With THE LESBIATHAN, The Heavenator, Dr. Activisionary, Spaced God, and Shell Game

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  • Hot Crush Lover by Blu DeTiger
  • Do I Fit In Your Shoes? by BabyJake

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