Spaced God

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The Taming of the mischievous sweet tailpipe, by Spaced God

”My dear Spaced God! You’ll never know how much I truly love you!” said the sweet tailpipe

“As do I” Spaced God replied innocently. “Alas, our love was not meant to be. After all, you are to be wed to the great duke twinkling diamond of Canterbury in the morning!”

“But he is not a world-renown podcast member like you are!” the sweet tailpipe cried aloud. “Compared to you, twinkling diamond is like a filthy factory reset button.” The sweet tailpipe then spat upon the floor, as to prove her point.

“Oh, my dear mischievous sweet tailpipe, I know all too well what you mean. But that is simply how the world turns. Unless…” S paused for a moment to think. “No, that would not be the proper Victorian thing to do...”

“What is it Spaced God, my love?” the sweet tailpipe inquired. Spaced God stared back at her, then broke into a smile. “Unless we elope my love. Come with me, let us run into the night, and make blathering love under the moonlight! Maybe we can even do that thing again where you take that travel guidebook and shove it up-”

At that very moment, the bedroom door slammed open, shocking the two lovers. “I’m afraid that won’t be happening,” great duke twinkling diamond growled, leaning against the door frame. “For tomorrow, after the wedding, sweet tailpipe will be mischievous no longer. As for you, Spaced God, you will be hanged for your adulterous crimes!”

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