Not Always Psychic

Episode 83Released Jan 3 2020

Sometimes you just get a feeling that today is going to be special. Well, listeners, this day is very special for you! But you already knew that. is a place for budding psychics and master mediums alike can share their maybe kinda probably sorta psychic experiences. They see shadows, watch clocks, hear music, and their babies look places. These terrifying, but astounding occurrences change their witnesses forever, leaving them with anxiety, strange powers, and an inability to type coherently.

This psychic doc was chosen by our followers on Twitter as the next thing Mix should work on. Follow us and keep an eye out for questions and polls that may very well impact our recordings! But then again, you probably don’t need help from a poll to know what happens next. You know the language of the wind after all!

This week Extra Credit’s clock is an hour behind, but it’s because of a time hole.

With Mix, Turtle, Shell Game, and featuring Boots Raingear and Nutshell Gulag

Edited by Mix
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Subject featured


Music used

  • Sister Psychic by Smash Mouth
  • Get Psychic by Zebbler Encanti Experience (ft. Olivia Dawn)
  • Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod
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