Neko Deep In Filth

Episode 90Released Apr 10 2020

Ever feel so filthy that a shower of any length would never get clean? Well, that’s what it’s like existing as a horrid semi-sentient creature composed of whiskers, tail, and tits. And you know what? It’s pretty deplorable that you haven’t found a way to help alleviate that existential disgust. It’s almost as if you don’t care for your cat-girl.

Well now you can with! That’s right, an entire website filled with tips, tricks and instructions to help you take the best care of your cat-girl you can. This guide covers everything from cleaning to preening, from feeding to breeding, from playing to… Hey what’s wrong? Why did your face turn that color? Should we call a doctor? We wouldn’t want your cat-girl to get worried that she disappointed master.

This week, Extra Credit trades in all nine lives for a robot you can’t fuck.

With Beelzeboob, Malt, Chai Tea Latte, Shell Game, and featuring Frank West

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Shell Game and Mix
Cover art by Shell Game

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Music used

  • Make Nekos, Not Nukes by Smoked Solid Dairy
  • Let Me Be With You by ROUND TABLE, vocals by Nino
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