Narcist Dandies Wikitalk with their Pheremone Lip

Episode 175Released Jun 30 2023

Wikipedia is a wealth of information (provided the dudes who make up editing leadership think your subject is relevant), a massive compendium of facts and concepts put together by many, many people providing a little of this or a lot of that. But how do these editors manage to communicate with each other in such a way that permits the most efficient construction of such information? Well, in theory there is a tab on any given page dedicated to talking about these things, but let’s be real, an open space for internet nerds to talk at each other is more often than not unhelpful at anything constructive.

Wikipedia’s talk pages have always been such places, and in order to explore this phenomenon, we are going to go back, back, wayyyyyyyy back to the oldest document in the F Plus’ dump and take a peek at what a contributor known simply as “Julia” scrounged together from the earlier days of the site. More of it is about Spongebob than anyone would like to admit.

This week, Extra Credit debates whether to use Kaiser punch or Kaiser kick.

With THE LESBIATHAN, Dijon Du Jour, Frank West, Spaced God, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Julia
Cover art by Shell Game

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