Episode 100 – Part 3

Episode 100.3Released Aug 28 2020

Part 3 features the new crew, those who joined about 50 episodes in and we said “y’know what? I like their gumption! they really got that ‘it’ thing, see?” Dijon Du Jour, Mix, Beelzeboob and Malt bring in some content of their own that formed their sense of internet humor. Don’t tease the octopus kiddies, it’s time for Uncle Ulty’s Comedy Hour, featuring cranky women, “funny” “porn”, a second serving of pasta, and an old friend of Mix’s from his home state.

This week, Extra Credit also endures.

Docs are listed in the subject section.

With Dijon Du Jour, Mix, Beelzeboob, Malt, and featuring Dijon Du Jour, Mix, Beelzeboob, and Malt

Edited by Dijon Du Jour
Content provided by Dijon Du Jour, Mix, Beelzeboob, and Malt
Cover art by Dijon Du Jour

Subject featured

  • https://whydontyouhavekids.com/home/2018/1/6/listen-breeders-think-before-you-dink
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vOy3HkKT4D5CRc38IHnsQN6xeicudnS078FwJs3pkMg/edit
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cZjO9AFv_y3Ja_gg8E4cGXM5o6vD7WZnJM9mfC8DdYU/edit
  • https://www.wattpad.com/44179521-creepypasta-rugrats-lost-episode-chuckie%27s-mom

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