Chocus Pocus

Episode 66Released May 24 2019

FINE! We did it! Are you happy?!

Choose Your Own Change Dot Net was the subject of both an F-Plus and Extra Credit episode, so surely there couldn’t be any more to cover, right? Well, that actually is true. However, there’s a 16-page-long story about slowly turning into a chocolate wizard through contrived Chronovac hi-jinks that just couldn’t be ignored.

Amaze at the convoluted plot! Baffle at the order in which a body becomes chocolate! Cower in fear at the inevitable cliffhanger that comes with passing off your writing to someone else to produce a boner-chilling conclusion! Set the timer for 10 minutes and the duration of the transformation to indefinite, sets it to not change our favorite pair of rubber shorts, double checks everything and presses enter.

With Mix, Malt, The Heavenator, Shell Game, and featuring Frank West

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Captain Fargle

Subject featured


Music used

  • The Wizard by Black Sabbath
  • Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits
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