Retaining Composure

Episode 178Released Aug 11 2023

Reddit is full of guys who are all pent up with…

What did you think we were gonna say? Rage? Resentment? Gamer words?

Well those are all fitting, but no. The word we were going to end that sentence with was semen!

This may seem like a mean-spirited dig at their sexual prowess, but that couldn’t be further from the case. Indeed, the people of r/SemenRetention choose not only to retain their semen for its powerful energies and nutrients, they also find ways to integrate it back into their bodies, minds, and souls for the sake of their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Also they call themselves “retainers” so…

This week, Extra Credit doesn’t have a seed . Soooo it makes our opinion invalid :/

With Positive Stress, Sanguinary Novel, Turtle, Frank West, Boots Raingear, and Shell Game

Edited by myteenagedreamended
Content provided by Napoleon Blownapart
Cover art by Shell Game

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Music used

  • The Glow by Willie Hutch
  • The Ultimate Sin by Ozzy Osbourne
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