It’s A Toy!

Episode 191Released Mar 29 2024

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a baby?

Yeah it sounds like a lot of work right? And for what? The shitty little thing might not even be successful and pay for your retirement and let you buy them their clothes forever! Isn’t there a better way? Well yes! There is! And you even get the joy of telling everyone you’re about to shell out $1000+ on something called a “manufactured skin doll” as well!

Reborn dolls come in a range from “wow that looks like a cabbage patch kid” to “it takes about a minute before the uncanny nature of this thing sets in but once it does I can’t unsee it.” But don’t worry! Regardless of quality, you can do all kinds of fun things that parents get to do, like put your reborn doll into a pram, drive with your reborn doll in a car seat, grift youtube followers out baby shower gifts, put your reborn doll in a pram, go on walks with your reborn doll, defensively whine at your family that they should be happy you’re happy, go on walks with your reborn doll before putting it into someone else’s pram… The possibilities are endless! At least until you get a good bid on Ebay, then it’s back in the box for ol’ rebaby.

Note: Some people use reborn dolls for actual trauma related to parenting shocks and tragedy. Those are not discussed in this episode because that’s sad and actually not funny! Here we only have whiny teens and 50 year old ladies with too much disposable income talking about their precious reborn baby/collector’s object.

This week, Extra Credit could really use a new diaper bag for Bleskler…

With Dijon Du Jour, Chai Tea Latte, Frank West, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Curlicue
Cover art by Shell Game

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  • I'm Not Your Toy by La Roux
  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby) by Louis Jordan
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