How Are You Peeling?

Episode 167Released Jan 27 2023

How many bananas would you eat in one day? One? Three? Seven? This is a stupid question?

Well today’s website started as an answer to this inane query, and that answer is 30. 30 bananas a day.

Frugivores are people who only eat fruit and down on the hierarchy of things people eat, screaming loudly about how potassium cannot kill you and also they feel really bad right now. Like most people with overly-defensive approaches to diet, they spend a lot of their time on the internet responding to posts with whatever they feel like talking about and complaining that everyone in their day-to-day lives think they’re crazy.

This week, Extra Credit wishes it could forget 2005. Seriously, Tally Hall???

With THE LESBIATHAN, Mix, Frank West, Positronic, Boots Raingear, and Shell Game

Edited by Mix
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  • Banana Man by Tally Hall
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