Good Striations

Episode 42Released Jul 27 2018

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Nowadays women can be as strong, athletic, capable and big as they wanna be–which of course means we need a bunch of men to remind everyone that they’re still fetish objects that give them boners. Female Body Builder fandom is a strange place composed of those who want to be dominated physically, but seem to be surprised that often pain comes part and parcel with fulfilling that wish. Regardless they still fork over large quantities of money to get squeezed by some big lady legs, and spend their recovery time writing fiction that makes deviantArt look like experts in anatomy.

This week, Extra Credit tells our dad about our masturbation habits.

With Ganymede, Turkeyvolume, GamerFuji, Shell Game, and featuring Frank West

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Girlkisser420
Cover art by Ashto

Subject featured


Music used

  • Who I Am (Chyna) by WWE & Jim Johnston
  • Giant Woman by Rebecca Sugar
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