Gifts of the Magi

Episode 130Released Jul 9 2021

Gather round ye vvitches and vvarlocks and take in what Reddit has to offer on the science of Magick…

Once upon a time, three wise folk showed up at the door of Extra Credit: The Heavenator with gifts of online nonsense, THE LESBIATHAN with gifts of Reddit gold, and “Magician’s Read” with gifts of murrrrr… One of those gifts was lost, but the other two were given with joy and merriment to the newborn savior of the web…

r/Magick is the subreddit for magick. It’s where vvitches and vvizards swap spells and argue about whether or not the threefold law applies to tripling recipes. Everything you’d expect to find on a Reddit magick community is here: sex and talking over each other. Yep, that’s it!

This week, Extra Credit is asking WHAT’S UP MY WITCHES?!

With Positive Stress, Dijon Du Jour, Mix, Dr. Activisionary, Frank West, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by The Heavenator and THE LESBIATHAN
Cover art by Shell Game and Frank West

Subject featured


Music used

  • Waking the Witch by Kate Bush
  • Magic Man by Heart
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