wikiHow to Recycle Content

Episode 94Released Jun 5 2020

You guys remember F Plus Live 8? The wikiHow game show that was held in Portland, OR? Well, did you ever wonder what happened to the various selections that did not get read? Well wonder no more, because Extra Credit is, as always, ready to serve up content the F Plus just never got to!

Join us, with our guests of honor Adam Bozarth and Boots Raingear, as we relive the glorious evening with half the glamour and a quarter of the fanfare. Indulge Shell as she pushes everyone into a little game of her own, with a pecking order determined by none other than artist from the stars Portaxx! And a reader order chosen by followers over on Twitter (@snakesinthebpit), though they didn’t exactly know what they were doing.

For added authenticity, Shell scanned every single beer-stained paper that Adam handed her in his half-drunken, half-exhausted stupor. This way the whole gang got to experience a little bit of Live again! …also it means there’s no doc. SORRY!

This week, Extra Credit learns how to do a lot of important and impressive things.

With THE LESBIATHAN, Malt, Dr. Activisionary, Shell Game, and featuring Boots Raingear and Adam Bozarth

Edited by Mix
Content provided by Adam Bozarth

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  • How to Love Myself on Wikihow by GLASSHOUSE.
  • WikiHow by Mr. Amateur

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