One Trick Pony

Episode 164Released Dec 2 2022

Déja-vu! Didn’t we do this one already? Yes. We did. But hey sometimes people don’t just grow apart they DNI those who severely wrong them and it’s not polite to probe any further. : )

Hypnoponies are people who very very much wish to be ponies from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe and obviously pursue hypnosis files to fool their brains into letting their inner pony run wild.

Also they’re kinda pathetically sad at times.

This week, Extra Credit went to the Mirror Room.

With Ganymede, Dijon Du Jour, THE LESBIATHAN, The Heavenator, Dr. Activisionary, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Carrie Kube and Shell Game
Cover art by Shell Game

Subject featured


Music used

  • Live Like Horses by Elton John
  • Horses by Maggie Rogers
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