Extra Credit Presents! Maid In Hell

Episode 50AReleased Nov 4 2018

The time has come! Extra Credit crosses over with THE LESBIATHAN’s podcast Pen and Paper Bullshit and gives you a horrible, horrible game to endure along with us!

Maid RPG is a poorly constructed, disgusting game where you play as an Anime Maid complete with anime personality traits, signed randomly by dice roll. Tonight’s game takes us through some familiar subjects if you’ve listened to The FPlus as frequently as we do.

This week, Extra Credit traverses a forest of piss.

(Content Warning: Self harm mentioned in source material. Quickly skipped past. Also Maid RPG is really gross in general.)

With Mix, Dijon Du Jour, The Heavenator, Shell Game, and featuring Nutshell Gulag


Subject featured

  • http://www.maidrpg.com/

Music used

  • Overlord Season 3 Opening by MYTH & ROID
  • It's Not Ero (feat. Senah Kim) by Isaac Schankler

3 comments on “Extra Credit Presents! Maid In Hell”

  • Chimerantys says:

    Coming from someone who has a ton of weird, quirky, and downright unintelligible games (and as someone who plays them on the regular), I’ve seen much, much worse. FATAL or Cthulutech, anyone? Please do Cthulutech! You’ll love it. Read through the Fatal and Friends TLDR if you must if you haven’t heard of it.

    And as someone who unironically played MaidRPG back when it came out and owns a hardcover, I could write a god damned essay about how it’s a trailblazer in terms of the rules-lite eastern RPGs that came to the US. Doesn’t make the weird, strange, and problematic parts any less weird, strange, and problematic, though. The translator and developer’s notes at the start even address this. You really need to get into the early 2000’s weeb aesthetic with a good group who is mature enough (and good enough RPers) to make it work. In fact, the cultural connotations of why the system is structured the way it is turn out to be a fascinating look into how Japanese pen and paper gamers really do treat the hobby differently than they do over here in the west. If you haven’t read them, the opening notes are an excellent look into that.

    Still a hilarious episode and some great background noise, but after everything is said and done you guys really aren’t the best role players around. I’d have rather heard a cherry picked review of all the weird shit in the book.

    • Shell Game says:

      We rejected FATAL, because this was bad enough. And yeah the point really wasn’t to roleplay, so you’re right, we were bad at it. Correct assessments all around! I think we wanted to try something a little different since we already read excerpts from other systems.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂 we’ll take the feedback into consideration. Glad it was at least a fun background listen!

    • LESBIATHAN says:

      Hey I’m not gonna run Cthulhutech it’s a fucking shit show and not in a fun way.

      Any game that includes mechanical incentives to fuck the GM stand in is bad and awful.

      Finally, do you suggest that one of the players roleplay as a goddamn slave? No thanks, that’s turbo uncomfortable and weird in a way that almost anyone would see.

      Maybe Maid was good when it came out and you’re 100% right or maaaaaaaaaaybe you’re looking at it with rose tinted glasses and nostalgia, like nerds who grew up in the 80s look at Rifts.

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