Caution: These Fanworks Are A Little Blue

Episode 60Released Mar 1 2019

Fandom never changes…

The Smurfs was a cartoon from the 80s, based on a comic from the 50s, that spawned two movies in the 2010s for no particular reason. Even though there’s very little to say about the cartoon antics of the small blue creatures and their mushroom houses, the cartoon ran for nearly a decade, just in time for the first generation of internet dwellers to come of age. Thus, a thriving fan community can be found to this very day inflicting endless permutations of Smurf stories and sexualities.

The Smurfs Fanon wiki is a place that attempts to collect all kinds of information on various Smurf fanworks, though mostly the articles discuss characters and hypothetical stories from universes created by about five or six people. In what ways do these internet misfits contribute to the vibrantly blue tapestry that is Smurfs lore? Well, strap in folks because we’re about to find out!

This week, Extra Credit has to cancel their family fanfiction Thursdays.

With Beelzeboob, Dijon Du Jour, THE LESBIATHAN, Shell Game, and featuring Frank West

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Dijon Du Jour and Beelzeboob

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  • Smurfs Theme Techno Remix by Nobody Seems To Know Please Help!
  • The Smurfs Song by Father Abraham and the Smurfs
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Additional Fun

Glovey Smurf

Empath intervenes as Papa Smurf is about to act out his Smurfette Dream.

Empath Smurf and Polaris Psyche sharing an emotion.

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