Back For Seconds

Episode 54Released Dec 21 2018

Season’s Feedings!

That’s right! We didn’t get our fill last time, so Extra Credit has decided to chow down on yet another feast of filth and fat. Inspired by perhaps the first ever document of Mix’s dumped by The F Plus, we arranged for a smorgasbord of stories and methods regarding stuffing and inflation to be served to you this evening. Add a few more notches to that belt and then just throw it away, because by the time we’re through you’re not gonna have any pants that fit!

Stress and Lesbiathon get vengeance on the doc maker for the last feeder episode, Breakfast, while special guest Adam Bozarth wonders how he’ll ever repay Frank West for telling Shell that an episode on feeding would suit him best. Oh and what’s Beelzeboob doing here? Why she’s one of Santa’s elves here to make sure mirth and merriment are on the menu for you, our gentle listeners.

This week, Extra Credit isĀ not getting a Jell-o enema.

With Positive Stress, THE LESBIATHAN, Breakfast, Beelzeboob, Shell Game, and featuring Adam Bozarth

Edited by Positive Stress
Content provided by Mix
Cover art by Beelzeboob

Subject featured


Music used

  • Yo Stomach by T-Pain
  • Get Stuffed by Nervous Eaters
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