Amber is the Color of Your Energy Drink

Episode 79Released Nov 8 2019

Hey gang! Feeling a little down? Sluggish? Tired? Drained? Lacking in any of the following: zip, pep, zazz, verve, razzmatazz, energy? Well, what if you could simply drink your sleepy li’l rut away with… Okay yes, we know you already know what energy drinks are. But did you know there’s a subreddit to talk about drinking them?

r/energydrinks is a place where caffeine hounds, sugar fiends, taurine heads, and b-vitamin bandits go to just share how much they drink, how much they wish they could drink, discuss if maybe they should drink less (no), or if they should mix their drinks into virgin cocktails (yes.) You may think that there’s only so many ways that conversation could possibly repeat itself, and you would be correct! But that doesn’t stop redditors from just saying the same thing again and again and again.

This week, Extra Credit is excommunicated for even mentioning the false prophet, Jolt cola.

With Dijon Du Jour, The Heavenator, Dr. Activisionary, Breakfast, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
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  • Energy Drink by Virtual Riot
  • Monster Energy - The Rap by Evan Lindman, feat. Zach Oakford
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