The Sixteen Types of Highly Effective Preppers

Episode 93Released May 22 2020

Doomsday. Zombies. Mountain lions. Librarians.

What do these things have in common? Well, the answer should be nothing, but the internet has a way of combining things that frankly should have just been left alone.

Oddly Developed Types is a site dedicated to Meyers-Briggs typing. The twist? The descriptions are all framed within the framing device of a zombie apocalypse. Hope you like RANDOM WACKY HUMOR and EPIC BADASSES because this exercise in tedium is a product of the age of TVTropes.

This week, Extra Credit is a potato.

With Positive Stress, THE LESBIATHAN, Dijon Du Jour, Malt, Turtle, and Shell Game

Edited by myteenagedreamended
Content provided by Apathetic Zealot
Cover art by Shell Game

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Music used

  • Little Boxes by Pete Seger
  • Library Card by from Arthur
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Additional Fun

THE LESBIATHAN’S special edit, referred to in the show!

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