EC Mini-Series – Mane Street Blog Part 1: The Truth About G and Q

Episode MS1-01Released Jan 3 2024

A format shake-up! We read about a guy who has Street Fighter fan theories for 3 hours and dammit we just can’t do that to you. So instead enjoy this five-part mini-series on a man whose whole shtick is pretending to be a funny haha wacky game theory guy while actually being a guy who is bad at media literacy. That media being the fighting game series Street Fighter.

This might not be for everyone, which is another reason for the off-beat format and release schedule. Shell does her best to translate fighting game esoterica into normal person, but Frank and Tuttle may be in too deep.

Anyhow let’s start this off with the impetus of this whole mess: Two jokey characters (legally distinct from joke characters get off my back nerds) from two Street Fighter games that came out nearly two decades apart.

With Turtle, Frank West, and Shell Game

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Frank West
Cover art by Shell Game

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Music used

  • The Theme of Q
  • G's Theme
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