Wizard Kids in America (Oh No!)

Episode 171Released Apr 7 2023

This episode features a story about a lot of things.

It’s about Hamilton. (kinda)

It’s about Harry Potter. (not really)

It’s about making THE LESBIATHAN angry. (very)

It’s about Hamtaro/Kingdom Hearts crossovers. (not nearly enough)

It’s about friends who probably only like you for the fame and also your brother can spy because he’s an actor.

If all of this makes sense, then you’re lilypotter6457. If you’re not however, then listen and learn with us as we navigate a Scriptfic left to lie fallow and discover the magic of contrived exchange student programs.

This week, Extra Credit is starring in Matilda but with fetuses.

With Positive Stress, THE LESBIATHAN, Sanguinary Novel, Ashto, Positronic, Ironicus, and Shell Game

Edited by Dijon Du Jour
Content provided by Secret Gaygent 69
Cover art by Sanguinary Novel

Subject featured

  • https://www.wattpad.com/682130996-the-americans-in-hogwarts-authors-note

Music used

  • Total Entertainment by Pansy Division
  • You Talk Too Much by Run DMC
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Additional Fun

Alexander Hamhamilton, by Positronic

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