Extra Deadit Spooktacular

Episode 105Released Oct 30 2020

Happy Halloween! Mwahahahahaha!

Ready to be supremely spooked? Well on the internet, there’s only one place to go if you’re looking for fast fright and total terror…

Well okay, for INTENTIONAL total terror. That’s right. CREEPYPASTA WIKIS. Get ready for some very, very “good” stories about some very, very bad happenings. Beware though, listener! If you are scared of bad cooking, bad rhyming, bad pacing, or bad connections to reality, you might need to give this one a pass. In fact, we will provide our dear listeners a free coffin to those who DIE OF FRIGHT while listening to the SPOOKTACULAR!

This week, Extra Credit popped out.

With THE LESBIATHAN, Dijon Du Jour, The Heavenator, Malt, and featuring Nutshell Gulag

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Wrought
Cover art by Shell Game

Subject featured

  • https://www.creepypasta.com/mr-banana/
  • https://www.creepypasta.com/grame/
  • https://geosheas-lost-episodes.fandom.com/wiki/%22Funny_Mouse%22_Bootleg_Tape
  • https://geosheas-lost-episodes.fandom.com/wiki/Mario_Kart:_Black

Music used

  • Chamber of Horrors Cassette Tape
  • Jessie's Girl 2 by Coheed and Cambria (feat. Rick Springfield)
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Additional Fun

GameStop’s new logo by Antivehicular

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