Chrono Crosstalk: Timeline A-3.5

Episode 176AReleased Jul 14 2023

Hey what if we just took a little time to talk about a video game?

Chrono Cross is the sequel to the world-renowned, critically-acclaimed single-player RPG Chrono Trigger. Having made the jump from 2-D to 3-D the game also made a few leaps regarding mechanics and storytelling. The former is a mystery that baffles Chronocrossology scholars to this day.

Chrono Cross attempted to create an RPG with a novel battle system that toyed with people’s understanding of RPG conventions. And that is precisely what it did! Follow us as we follow the guidelines of a handful of gamers from the 00s as they try to figure out this game from 1998 for us in 2023. I’m sure it won’t be confusing!

This week, Extra Credit’s element grid is all green.

With Ganymede, Frank West, and Shell Game

Edited by Dijon Du Jour
Content provided by Shell Game
Cover art by Shell Game

Subject featured


Music used

  • Gale by Yasunori Mitsuda
  • S.S. Zelbess by Yasunori Mitsuda
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Additional Fun

Ganymede draws the Element Grid?

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