You Paid For The Whole Seat…

Episode 49Released Oct 19 2018

Reddit has always been known for dragging things on and on, but there are certain subreddits that have a level of Pyrrhic endurance that not even the most committed troll on r/legaladvice could match. What is this place, you ask?

Well I’ll tell you.

In a moment.




Ahhhhhh! Nope, I think you’ll have to just listen. I gotta get going. I’m not about to lose my No Fap badge by releasing my hot, sticky episode info all over this post.

This week, Extra Credit needs to find a coffee table.

With Positive Stress, Dijon Du Jour, Nuffkins, Shell Game, and featuring Achilles' Heelies

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  • Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
  • One Step Closer by Linkin Park
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