Yavuz Sultan Selim

Yavuz Sultan Selim – Dirty Shower Time with a background story

Yavuz Sultan Selim is feeling very dirty after a long, hard day of recording for Extra Credit, and is in need of a help of a background story to clean up! Watch as Yavuz Sultan Selim runs the background story across their legs, while making sexy, talking motions at the camera. Oh, it looks like you’ve been invited to join into the washing fun, but will the two of you actually get clean?

Then, a cameraman starts to get a little woozy from all the hot action, and decides to join in. He nakedly launches into the action, bringing a mad cow with him to spice up the scene. But it looks like you and Yavuz Sultan Selim aren’t a fan of his mad cow interfering with the screeching erotic background story, so the two of you knock him out and proceed to murder him! Witness the world’s first erotic, point-of-view, murder simulation. Watch as Yavuz Sultan Selim and you commit the act, hide the body, then finish off an erotic assisted-masturbation scene right atop the shallow grave! And to finish it all off, Yavuz Sultan Selim will return to the shower where it all began and whip out the background story for one last bit of fun!

Category: background story
Related Categories: Shower, background story, POV, Snuff
Keywords: background story, give me money, a murder most foul, totally not real dont call the police. mad cow
Price: $30.99
Format: AVI, MP4, FLAC, WAV, TXT
Length: 19 minutes 47 seconds
Resolution: 800x400
Size: 2Gb
Added April 1st, 2017