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Episode 12Released Nov 23 2016

As any teacher is likely to tell you, Wikipedia is a terrible website to get research from. Not because it’s editable by anyone, or because the most fledged out articles tend to be on TV shows and video games. No, the biggest issue with Wikipedia is that it’s far too liberal! Enter Conservapedia, the only online reference website that keeps things Fair and Balanced®. Learn all the things the liberal media is trying to hide.

This week on Extra Credit, we discuss the political ramifications of magick.

With Amelia Blank, Detective Slowpoke, Ganymede, Sherman Tank, NikaerD, Spooks, and featuring Kumquatxop

Edited by Fruithag
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  • Dixie's Land by 2nd South Carolina String Band
  • Capitalism by Oingo Boingo
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