Episode 6Released Sep 15 2016

Welcome to the world of magic, www.saulat.com ! Well, more of a shop than a whole “world”, but you get what we mean. Operated by Dr. Saulat Khan, a “spellcaster with 30 years of experience”, this site reads a lot like Alex Chiu’s Immortality Devices and its products are guaranteed to be just as effective.

This week at Extra Credit, we don’t ship to India and Pakistan.

With Ambious, Pinstripe Hourglass, Spooks, Amelia Blank, and featuring Montrith

Edited by Ambious
Content provided by Spooks
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured

  • Dr. Saulat Khan, www.saulat.com

Music used

  • Some Kind of Magic by Queen
  • I Dream of Jeannie by Theme
  • Induction by Gamma Ray
  • Magic Man by Heart
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4 comments on “Spells4Sale”

  • Nasuth says:

    Excellent use of the I Dream Of Genie theme.

  • Miles Beavis says:

    I figured out how to say this site’s URL with the same cadence as Lemon saying his. Lemon pauses between the E and F; instead of pausing there, say F, and then “min.us” can have the same rhythm as “fpl.us” does. THE-f-MIN-dot-US.

    • Ambious says:

      I originally wanted extra.credit but .credit domains are for financial companies and literally cost ten times more.
      But yeah, I had Amelia recite “thefmin.us” over and over again and it should start coming out more naturally in upcoming episodes.

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