Sissy Kiss of Death

Episode 22Released Jun 26 2017

Do you ever wish you could relive your childhood? Perhaps you could revisit your college days, or perhaps even your carefree high school years. Well, the forum members over at have taken it one step further, and instead choose to revert their earlier— holy shit, these are adult babies. That’s not one step further, that’s like a goddamn leap! No, fuck you, I’m not gonna finish this intro. I refuse to explain how these people have fetishized age regression and gender swapping, and all the creepy kink play that results from it. You can keep your check, I’m out of here.

This week, Extra Credit says goodbye to their last friend.

With Argyle Funk, Detective Slowpoke, Positive Stress, Shell Game, and Amelia Blank

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Shell Game
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

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Music used

  • Not a Girl (Not Yet a Woman) by Britney Spears
  • Baby Baby by Amy Grant
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2 comments on “Sissy Kiss of Death”

  • Sham bam bamina! says:

    “Plastic pants” are what Brits call pull-ups. (Briefs are “pants” over there.)

    Yes, this is yet another fine showcase of Great Britain’s Greatest Perverts.

  • JoshClockwrk says:

    I’m glad I was sitting down for this episode, because the conclusions about society these pedos jumped to would’ve knocked me over otherwise.

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