Morgellons and On and On

Episode 26Released Sep 1 2017

You know how it is! You feel like something’s wrong but you’re not sure what, so you go to the doctor. And what does the doctor always say? “Well I can run some tests, but I think you’re fine.” How useless can you get? Lucky for us, the internet is there to help diagnose, treat, and advocate for the illnesses you most certainly do have and aren’t just delusional parasitosis. Take that itchy feeling—Dry skin? Nah. Allergy? No way. Bug bite? That’s what they want you to think! No, the truth is so much more obvious: a semi-organic nanomachine that causes bizarre fibers to grow from your body. Even if your doctor or the U.S. Government isn’t brave enough to speak the truth, is there for victims of the dreaded Morgellons disease.

This week, Extra Credit annexes Canada.

With Positive Stress, Sherman Tank, goop, Shell Game, Amelia Blank, and featuring Achilles' Heelies

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Shell Game
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

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Music used

  • Encounter by Kazuki Muraoka
  • Chemtrails by Beck
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