Monster Girls Unlimited

Episode 23Released Jul 12 2017

Some people are looking for a real monster in the sheets—someone who can keep going and going, meet desires they didn’t even know they had, wrap them up in a slimy tentacle and slurp their soul from their body… What? You didn’t want that? Well then I guess you aren’t a member of, a forum dedicated to painstakingly mapping out a fictional reality where everything from naga to giant slugs smash men with their giant tits and fulfill every convoluted BDSM fantasy members can come up with. Yes, they also dedicate part of their site to the illustrious Pokégirls! (You don’t have to run screaming into the night just yet, we don’t cover them here.) What other monstrous mysteries lurk within the hearts of neckbeards?

This episode, Extra Credit has yet another awkward, disgusting Christmas in July.

With Ganymede, Shell Game, Dr. Activisionary, Birdman, and Amelia Blank

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by MythosSanta and Amelia Blank
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured


Music used

  • Monsters by L7
  • Monster by Lady Gaga
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2 comments on “Monster Girls Unlimited”

  • JoshClockwrk says:

    I paused the episode and came back to ‘HORSE DICK IS NOT ENOUGH” blasting into my ears the next morning. I have discovered how to be instantly wide awake.

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