Knot Safe For Work

Episode 28Released Oct 17 2017

No lie, listeners. This one’s kinda gross…

But it’s also, at times, too confusing to be gross so that’s something!

This time around we decided to tackle one of the more strange and disgusting corners of the internet, the Omegaverse. Surprisingly enough, this niche of fanfiction built atop a foundation of dog cocks and mpreg is somehow continuing to this day.

Don’t expect much Supernatural here. This ain’t your mama’s Omegaverse! It turns out A/B/O has expanded into obnoxious spaces, including pseudoscience, invented genders and so much more. So sit back and get educated about alphas, omegas, and the boring ones with a side of fanfic to help cement the concepts in your head. There will an essay portion to the test.

This time around, Extra Credit really screws the pooch.

With Shell Game, Turkeyvolume, Yavuz Sultan Selim, EldritchHat, and Amelia Blank

Edited by Shell Game
Content provided by Tay Pemsey and Shell Game
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

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Music used

  • Tie Our Love (In A Double Knot) by Dolly Parton
  • Youth Culture Killed My Dog by They Might Be Giants
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