I’m Barking Mad! …and That’s Snow Joke!

Episode 43Released Aug 10 2018

Humans are complex animals. We think, we feel, we invent, we create, we see ourselves in our reflections, in each other, in snow leopards…

Hm? ‘Snow leopards” seems like an unusual thing to lump into that list, you say? Well clearly you are unfamiliar with the concept of the therian. Actually, considering you’re listening to this podcast you probably know about them all too well. Anyway, for one (former) denizen  of Tumblr the snow leopard is more than just a beautiful creature–it’s in fact who they are.

Meet Felkes, a canid/snow leopard therian who wishes for people to both accept her identity as an actual animal and also refute the sinful act of homosexuality! Yep, it’s one of those kinds of episodes.

This week, Extra Credit just wanted a Pepsi…

With Shell Game, EldritchHat, Gyro, Breakfast, and Amelia Blank

Edited by Argyle Funk
Content provided by Keetah Spacecat
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured

  • felkes.tumblr.com

Music used

  • Who Let the Dogs Out by The Baha Men
  • Catdog (theme song) by Peter Hannan
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4 comments on “I’m Barking Mad! …and That’s Snow Joke!”

  • Froggy McQuack says:

    It’s really dumb, but one of the things that bothers me most is that she claims to be a snow leopard/wolf, but those are completely different species. The last common ancestor of those two goes back like 60 million years and was the last common ancestor of all cats and dogs. Snow leopards are as close to wolves as housecats are to walruses. In conclusion : bird legs don’t bend backwards

    • Shell Game says:

      to be fair i think she’s claiming to be both but it seems really arbitrary which she’s more like at any time

      also I’m sure this hybrid creature has morphed over time to include even more traits she finds desirable and straight

      • Froggy McQuack says:

        I just feel that’s not that uncommon with otherkin, where they pick completely unrelated things that they somehow are at the same time. It’s a dumb little thing that I have decided to focus on to preserve my sanity. Also, I don’t want to be fair in her case :v

        • Shell Game says:

          yeah honestly i thought that while writing the phrase out
          “hm… but should we be fair to her? she’s pretty awful…”

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