How to Release a Podcast After A Year And A Half

Episode 47Released Sep 28 2018

Wih-kee-how: the mouth expanding for the teeth to collapse to open up full again and roll down, at three, round and purposeful. Wih. Kee. How. Wiki Wiki Wild Wild West on Ballpit. Beating A Dead Horse on Discord. in the URL bar. But on my screen, it was always WikiHow.

BONUS EPISODE! We’ll still have one coming out next week, so keep an eye on your podcast-catching widget.

In 2017‌, a second WikiHow episode was recorded, and here in September of 2018 we finally have it for you, our listeners. WikiHow to Time Travel? Well, this is how–in 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of steps!

With Argyle Funk, Dr. Activisionary, Sham bam bamina!, Sherman Tank, Amelia Blank, and featuring STOG

Edited by Sham bam bamina!
Content provided by Dr. Activisionary, Argyle Funk, THE LESBIATHAN, Ganymede, Ambious, and Sherman Tank

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  • Teach Them How To Bleed by Motörhead
  • Teach Me How To Scream by BrokeNCYDE
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