Get Your Head In The Game

Episode 57Released Jan 25 2019

Want to play a game?

No, not that kind of game. A sexy game. One that is sure to make every part of you stand in attention (provided you are easily aroused by anime girls whose tits define their appearance.) Well, you strike me as a connoisseur of such games, loathe to even click start on that which would be beneath your standards. If only someone could tell you what porn was worth your time…

The Lewd Gamer family of ethical journalists has you covered, bucko! With everything from anime game reviews, anime game reviews, anime game reviews, and general news (position not yet filled) to inform you on your quest for the holy grail of sexy visual novel boners. Get ready to make some decisions, because you wanna be sure to unlock the ending of this steamy pile of podcasting.

This week, Extra Credit’s head keeps crashing into the desk.

With THE LESBIATHAN, Mix, Nuffkins, Sherman Tank, Shell Game, and featuring Bunnybread

Edited by Ashto
Content provided by sweetguts
Cover art by Mix

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  • Luigi's Ballad by Starbomb
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