Fet A Life

Episode 52Released Nov 23 2018

Nerds fuck. You got a problem with that?!

Fetlife is a place where all kinds of people can congregate and safely share their wacky sexual hi-jinks with like-minded perv-er… kinky individuals. It should be no surprise that geeky losers showed up to talk about dragon positions and which comic book antihero is more bangable. After all, they will go into literally any space and start ranting about their obsessions anyway, so why not turn up on Fetlife?

Well, equally unsurprising is how fast they forget about sex altogether and just start arguing over who’s truly geekier and whether or not gamers are oppressed by developers.

This week, Extra Credit compliments the wrong winter Mario hat.

With Positive Stress, EldritchHat, Beelzeboob, Shell Game, and featuring Frank West

Edited by Sham bam bamina!
Content provided by Run The Gems
Cover art by Shell Game

Subject featured

  • https://fetlife.com/

Music used

  • Nrrrd Grrrl by MC Chris
  • Geeks in Love by Lemon Demon
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