What Is Normal?

Episode 5Released Sep 5 2016

There are times when we all worry about not fitting in, or being the odd one out in a group. If you feel this way, you could take a moment to relax and do some self observation. Or you could take the modern route and ask the internet!

Isitnormal.com is a website where people post about their lives and quirks, and then other users vote on whether they are normal or not. Now you too can tell the web about your oddities, and have other weirdos try to normalize your behavior! This week, Extra Credit dusts off their fedora collection.

With Amelia Blank, Ganymede, Gyro, Taylor, Detective Slowpoke, and featuring Nutshell Gulag

Edited by Detective Slowpoke
Content provided by Sherman Tank and Ganymede
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured

  • isitnormal.com

Music used

  • All in Together by Professor Elemental
  • It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones
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One comment on “What Is Normal?”

  • Miles Beavis says:

    You guys did it. You managed to find the most unreasonably specific fetish in the world. A single fetish as moronically complicated as MudkipLover’s wildest fantasies. Congratulations???

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