Gimme Some Sugar Babies

Episode 3Released Aug 13 2016

The Internet is a great place to find love; or, if you’re rich, to buy it! Being a “Sugar Daddy” ain’t easy, because while prostitutes are easy to come by (and in), companionship and affection aren’t things you can usually readily pay for on the corner of the street. Enter the disgusting world of “Seeking Arrangement”. It’s kind of like prostitution, except somehow legal and way less honest.
This week on Extra Credit we breathe other people’s air.

With Amelia Blank, Positronic, Sirslarty, Sherman Tank, Ambious, and featuring Frank West

Edited by Ambious
Content provided by Jim and Amelia Blank
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured


Music used

  • Sugar Sugar by The Archies
  • Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles
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