This Lit is Shit, Fam

Episode 2Released Aug 6 2016

The world of book publishing is rife with pitfalls that are not seen on the internet. A list of obstacles including editors, publisher demands, and production fees all stand in the way of most authors getting their books on the shelf. With such a high entry barrier, you’d think that only high quality works would get through the process. However, a quick stroll through your local bookstore’s young adult section would prove you wrong.
The subjects covered in this episode are varied and many, featuring heart pounding action, extremely useful research, and a completely coherent school of thought. Despite their differences, they all have two common traits: they’re actual published works you can find out there in the wild, and they are terribly written. This week, Extra Credit gets a new high score in WOW.

With Amelia Blank, Ganymede, Zekka, Dr. Activisionary, and featuring Acierocolotl

Edited by Ashto
Content provided by Ganymede and Zekka
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured

  • A Winner’s Tall Tale by G. Haritharan
  • The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages
  • Lawsonomy by Alfred Lawson
  • The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Laura C. Schlessinger
  • The Soul Seller by Setiawan G. Sasongko

Music used

  • Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend
  • Library Card by Arthur
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