Christmas in July SPECTACULAR!

Episode 1Released Aug 2 2016

This is like an episode of The F Plus, but with fans!

How this all started:

STOG asked if people were interested in participating in a project. The project was to replace audio for one of the grossest F Plus episodes of all time (#221: Specialty Wankers). The plan didn’t go through (Djeser’s masterful editing saved the day in the end), but people were interested in participating nonetheless. People wanted this. People wanted to participate in the act of reading gross shit from the Internet, like a David Cronenberg movie, but with much less stakes and visual oddities. So we all threw random ingredients into a pot, let it cook, and then we made each other taste it. The good news is, no one died!

With Amelia Blank, Ashto, Ganymede, Detective Slowpoke, and featuring STOG

Edited by STOG
Content provided by Amelia Blank, Ashto, Ganymede, Detective Slowpoke, Dr. Activisionary, and Ambious
Cover art by Dr. Activisionary

Subject featured

  • Building Your Alpha Male Life
  • Bodybuilders trying to summon some demons
  • A Wikihow on how to be a diaper lover
  • Conspiracy Poetry
  • ShakespeareHemmingway's "A Garfield Story"

Music used

  • No Fly List by Obits
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