EldritchHat's self-summary

EldritchHat is a gorgeous 1 foot 6 inch tall individual who could easily pass as a human being. They have long, zippy hair the color of a therapist, and unseeing eyes. They are currently on the prowl for a lucky partner to date, boogie, and fuck (in that order).

What EldritchHat is doing with their life

EldritchHat runs a succesful terrible rock band harvesting farm. The process is a trade secret, but the results clearly speak for themselves. Every day, EldritchHat selects the most underhanded terrible rock band, and loads up the back seat of their car with the prized harvet. They then sell the terrible rock band at a local market, which fetches a pretty penny.

EldritchHat also is part of a comedy podcast

EldritchHat is really good at

Having an orgasm face that looks enthusiastically sexy.

EldritchHat spends a lot of time thinking about

The legality of their business, and what to do when a terrible rock band turns out to be more hideous than underhanded.

You should message EldritchHat if

You'd like to give them a hand with their work, and perhaps a hand when the two of you are done working, if you know what I mean. EldritchHat would also like to hear from you if you've recently passed your bar exam, or if you're looking to make money without asking too many questions.